When it gets to this point it means that you have already found a physiotherapy clinic in this case a physiotherapy clinic for pelvic health based in Toronto that you wish to get assistance from.  

It’s good to have an idea of what to expect during this session so that when a physiotherapist asks or does something you will not be left speechless. What you need to know is that you are the patient and you have the right to ask questions and say no to some of the things you are not comfortable with.  

Below is a list of what happens during a physiotherapy session: 

  • Examination 

This happens in any type of hospital you go to, the doctor in this case the physiotherapists starts by introducing himself/herself this helps build the doctor-patient relationship.  

He or she will then ask you a few questions about your pain or what brought you for physiotherapy. An example if you have neck pains you explain to him in detail how, where and when its hurts and what you think might have led to that kind of problem.  

In this step you will see the doctor writing down a few things you say this helps with the next step.  

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan  

Once the doctor analyses your symptoms, he or she will come up with a diagnosis and tell you how he or she thinks causes your pain.  

He or she goes ahead to explain the treatment plan that is right for you, in this step he or she will explain to you about the benefits of the treatment plan set, the side effects of the treatment plan any risks involved with that treatment and maybe give you an alternative treatment in case you are not comfortable with the first. 

This treatment plan entails a particular period of time set so as to achieve certain tests the doctor gives. An example by three months your neck pain will be better and your body will be restored back to ‘default settings’.  

  • Exercise  

This is the main thing done in physiotherapy clinics for pelvic health solutions based in Toronto where the doctor suggests some activities that will help ease your pain, if it’s pain at first it might be painful but with time the pain might go away. 

To add on that there are machines that help patients do this type of exercises,they help with the strengthening of muscles. If with time you notice that you are not improving you can talk to your doctor who will change your treatment plan.  

He or she might also suggests home based exercises that you will be comfortable doing. This might include moving of your legs from front to back or one side to another this helps achieve a particular muscle strength.